Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water testing

I'm a bit behind with my posts but I'm now catching up. A couple of weeks ago, we tested the water in the ponds and the results were actually not bad, in spite of all appearances. The water in the ponds moves slower than other sites so factors such as water and soil odor, water appearance and dissolved oxygen showed poorer results. All the pictures in this post were taken at the Beechwood wetland site but the exact same test was done at Riverdale and the results were surprisingly similar.

The dissolved oxygen rating was poor

The phosphate level was fair.

Phosphorus is a nutrient that acts as a fertilizer for aquatic plants. When nutrient levels are high, excessive plant and algae growth creates water quality problems.

The ph level was 8 which is considered to be good.

The pH is a measurement of the activity of hydrogen ions in a water sample.

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