Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garlic Mustard Month

I think we should officially declare the month of May Garlic Mustard Month, at least as far as the stewardship program is concerned. This highly invasive, non native, is everywhere on the site and we usually spend the better part of the month pulling it. It has round shaped, slightly wrinkled leaves that when crushed smell like garlic.

A new steward giving the thumb down to garlic mustard.

The new stewarship season brings both new and returning stewards.

The slope where we worked extensively last year had less garlic mustard this year, although it acquired a few tulips from the slope next door. We think the squirrels might have had had something to do with their displacement.

As usual at this time of the year, the ponds appear quite clear but we know it's just a matter of weeks before they become murky again with duckweed.

The gardening folks at Riverdale have gone all out with the tulips.

Alliaria petiolata or garlic mustard

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Marnie said...

I'll second the motion to name this Garlic Mustard Month. I continue to fight the good fight over at Beechwood. I think I'm winning! Good luck with your site.