Monday, June 15, 2009

Time to tackle DSV

We got started on Dog Strangling Vine this week, one of the worst invasive species. First of all because it's just about everywhere and second, it's almost indestructible. Or so it seems. The only way to tackle it right now is to dig it out with all its roots. It's quite a job. The only other possibility is to use pesticides which is really not ideal for environmental reasons and can be quite costly because the plant is so spread out. So, we just do what we can and hope that one day, somebody will discover a bug that kills it.

After working for an hour, I managed to clear a small path.

We also did a survey of the plants and shrubs we planted the last couple of years on the meeting house slope. We are happy to report that most of the plants are in good condition.

The wood ducks are also back this year. This is a picture from last year, I couldn't get a good picture when I was there last week. I will have to try again.

We have some pretty nice views from the top of the slopes. It's worth to take a break and enjoy it.


Marnie said...

I've been ignoring "my" DSV so far. It seems like the one thing we just haven't got a chance against. As you say, we just do what we can and hope.

Cute ducklings!

Cup Plant said...

How are tansies coming along? I almost miss working on those.

Marnie said...

There's SO MUCH of it. I'd never noticed how bad it was before, or else it's getting worse. It's the new garlic mustard! Oh well, at least it's easier to deal with than DSV.