Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back for a new season

Well, it's May 2013 and I'm starting a new season of Stewardship at Riverdale Park East.  Lots of new faces this year and quite a few returning stewards from past years. We started promptly on May 1st this year and the site is still pretty bare.
Riverdale Park East Wetland looking East
Quite a good turnout

 There are a few patches of garlic mustard but not much compared to previous years, so I'm hoping it won't be a big issue this season.
Just a few patches here and there. Last year was pretty bad as you can see here. The picture was taken on May 8, just a week later than this year and the site was literally covered.
However, the stinging nettle is thriving again and I haven't noticed any change from previous years, even though we've been tackling it diligently every year.
Some of the shrubs are in bloom, another advantage of starting so early. I usually don't see the first early flowering.

One of the new stewards almost stepped on this little guy.

For the first time ever, there are ducks in the pond. I have to explain that it's such a small body of water that usually gets dried up by the middle of summer, so I never expect to see any wildlife in it.

 Another cute pic from a previous year. This guy was hanging out on our green box.

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