Sunday, June 2, 2013

Four weeks already

A couple of weeks ago, we started doing water monitoring of the pond.  We tested dissolved oxygen, phosphate and PH levels. We'll try to keep on doing it every two weeks on average throughout the summer.
The water level is fine now but usually by mid-July, the pond is pretty much dried up.
New stewards working on Garlic Mustard. They alternate between Riverdale Park East and the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat (HBBH) site every couple of weeks. It's a nice way to get involved with the stewardship program.
Like everywhere else in the Don, Garlic Mustard is thriving in Riverdale Park.  Luckily, we didn't have much on the site itself this year, this patch is in the woods outside of the site.  
 On our visit last week, we saw a Northern Oriole. It's a bit far on this picture but we can see it's bright yellow colour.
The stewards have been doing a great job on the bedstraw and we pretty much got rid of most of it.

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