Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Invasives old and new

After the bedstraw last year, we now have a new invasive. It's called Avens (could be Yellow Avens or Wood Avens we're not sure).  Nevertheless, the site is now covered with it.  In addition, it's quite hard to pull by hand, so we are using trowels.  It grows in shady places, so the back of the site is certainly ideal for it unfortunately.

We also had to start digging out some Dog Strangling Vine (DSV) that starts to appear in small patches. The site is usually almost clear of it and we want to keep it that way.

 There has been a bit of vandalism as well last week, somebody thought it would be fun to break a post of the fence and throw it on the site. Or maybe there was a fight or something. Who knows what goes on in the wood behind the site.

We can now do water monitoring on a regular basis, there's plenty of water in the pond. We'll see how things are when we get to July.

Blue Flag Iris

 And just when we thought we got rid of garlic mustard, there's some new shoots coming out that will keep us busy next season.

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