Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wet season

We have seen a lot of rain so far this summer and we have had at least three outings when we got completely soaked.  We had to stop early a couple of times because the soil becomes too muddy and by trampling it, we actually do more damage than good. However, we did some plantings and it was a lot easier to dig and the plants are looking very good. We planted chokecherry, sugar maple, witch hazel and dogwood.
Sugar Maple (unfortunately, DSV is creeping up its ugly head in the picture)

We also started to work in the forest behind the site and we removed quite a bit of buckthorn and Manitoba Maple
Buckthorn leaves

 The garlic mustard and DSV are, of course, rampant as usual but we have managed to keep it off the fenced area.  By removing it all along the outside area of the forest, we can control it better.
Digging out Manitoba Maple seedlings

The wet weather and the cooler temperature also means that there is more water in the pond and it looks pretty good.  Usually, by this time of the year, it would be all dried up.
This area normally only has water for the first couple of weeks in May. 
The weather was great last week and it was nice to see the blue sky reflected in the pond.
Last week, we also saw a pretty white moth in the forest.

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Urban Girl said...

oh DSV and buckthorn - we're battling those around Ottawa also. never ending.